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23 May 2020

Grimm 123Movies

Original title
Country movie
  • Released: 2011-10-28
  • Country: USA
  • Runtime:45 min
  • Genre: xfield description
  • Stars: David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Silas Weir Mitchell, Sasha Roiz
  • Producer: Djevid Grinuolt, Dzhim Kauf, Dzhuli Herloker
  • Screenwriter: Stiven Karpenter, Djevid Grinuolt, Dzhim Kauf
How to film
Portland detective, Nick Burkhardt, has seen some gruesome crime scenes, but nothing prepares him for the strange visions he begins seeing: seemingly regular people momentarily transforming into hideous monsters. A visit from his only living relative reveals the truth. Nick has inherited the ability to see supernatural creatures, and as a "Grimm," he is tasked with keeping the balance between mankind and the mythological. A reformed "Big Bad Wolf" becomes his greatest (and also reluctant) ally and confidant. It's not long before his work as a policeman leads Nick to the criminals he once thought were only found in fairy tales.
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