El mariachi
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30 Jun 2020

El mariachi

Original title
Year Country movie
  • Released: 1992-09-04
  • Country: Mexico, USA
  • Runtime:81 min
  • Genre: xfield description
  • Stars: Carlos Gallardo, Consuelo Gómez, Jaime de Hoyos, Peter Marquardt
  • Producer: Karlos Galjardo, Robert Rodriges, Jelizabet Avellan
  • Screenwriter: Robert Rodriges
How to film
El Mariachi just wants to play his guitar and carry on the family tradition. Unfortunately, the town he tries to find work in has another visitor...a killer who carries his guns in a guitar case. The drug lord and his henchmen mistake El Mariachi for the killer, Azul, and chase him around town trying to kill him and get his guitar case.
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